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KTF 2022 Agriculture Machines and Stockbreeding, Greenhouse, Agriculture Equipment and Technologies Exhibition is a professional organization aiming to host international participation in Kahramanmaraş.

All the industry representatives of the agriculture industry in Kahramanmaraş will meet with local and international industry representatives during the exhibition. It will be possible to meet authorities from a wide spectrum at the exhibition. 

Exhibitor companies will display and exhibit new technologies, new products, new methods to industry representatives. Exhibitor companies will also have the opportunity to introduce their products to users in the industry.

Local and international companies dealing with products and services related with Agriculture Machines and Stockbreeding, Seed Growing Technologies and Equipments, Watering Systems, Seedling, Landscaping and Organic agriculture will meet industry representatives in the exhibition.  

It will be possible to visit and see the leading companies of the agriculture industry and have a general knowledge by seeing all the big companies all together.

KTF Agriculture Machines and Stockbreeding, Greenhouse, Agriculture Equipment and Technologies Exhibition aim to become the most powerful and efficient exhibition in Kahramanmaraş at first place an then in the region. 

  • Farmers and Producers,
  • Animal breeders,
  • Crop and animal producers,
  • Agricultural engineers,
  • Agricultural Technicians
  • Agricultural Consultants
  • Vets
  • Agricultural productivity experts,
  • Natural, organic growers,
  • Greenhouse owners and production specialists,
  • Food Wholesalers, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets purchasing officials,
  • Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry officials and experts,
  • Agricultural Unions, cooperative managers and members,
  • in the interest of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department officials and experts,
  • Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, managers,
  • Agriculture ministry officials of foreign countries,
  • Agricultural and forestry rooms authorities of foreign countries,
  • Agriculture and trade officials of foreign embassies in our country,
  • University lecturers and students,
  • Institutes and Research Centers managers and specialists,
  • Domestic and foreign manufacturers of agricultural equipment and technology,
  • Agricultural machinery from Turkey who want to make purchases abroad, importers,
  • Turkish agricultural market and foreign investors who want to be producers,
  • Farm managers and specialists in neighboring countries,



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